Sometimes it sweeps in like a rushing wind, or an awesome avalanche cascading to the depths of a mountain.  However, at times, it slowly comes to bear like a puddle being formed by a steady drip of a forgotten faucet.                                                      

At times it’s scary.  Is change ever not scary?

Throughout the day my sinful heart avoids, often pushes back, at this change.  So, what is it?  Why is this change so important, so distasteful to the one who seeks to kill and destroy?

Because it helps me to find JOY.  Joy in the one my heart was made to love.  Joy in God.

My typical day presents hundreds or moments where I can either find stress, or discouragement, or pain, or loneliness, or anger, or, or, or …. or Joy.  I have a bent towards negativity.  Towards not seeing grace.  Towards ungratefulness.  But God has begun to change me, by the renewing of my mind.  Oh, it’s true, Ann Voskamp, that thankfulness, eucharisteo, cannot coexist with a bitter spirit .. with discontentment. How i’ve tried! 

But when I am driving to Walmart at 9pm, because my cat decided she didn’t like her new litter, and there is a glare from the emptiness of the litter tub … when God paints two bright twin rainbows and puts them in my going path, and then makes the sky dance with a pink parade in the clouds in my coming path … it’s then that I give thanks and find joy. Yes, joy in his gifts of grace, but in so much more than that!  I find joy in HIM. Because He is gracious. Because He loves me.  Because He is good, and He is working in everything to keep His promise that He will conform me, change me, until I look like Jesus. 

So, like that steady faucet, the change comes.  And drips joy into my everyday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     46)  A cereal covered smile                                                                

47) Sun warmed skin      

48) Encouragement from my husband      

49) Sugar sculpted creations by my Chef  

50) Fresh lavender scent pouring from the washroom  

51) Cleaned and cleared shower and sink traps  

52) A tender bumped head resting, comforted, on my chest