My Love

My affections for the gospel run deep.  I am completely held captive and unequivocally captivated.  By the grace of my Father my heart yearns for my Jesus.  The effect of the gospel is like the potency of a narcotic … I can’t get enough … all I want is more.  

I have been asking myself how this gospel I cling to is “shallow”, as it has been said in recent days, and my conclusions end the same time and time again:  IT’S NOT!  

This gospel is beautiful! It’s engaging! It’s wondrous!
The central figure is not me, or you- It’s undeniably HIM!
The apex of HIS glory, grace, love and triumph over sin are seen in this gospel.  It is the good news of how this Holy and utterly righteous King saves those who are enemies of God.  To push this aside is to diminish the fulness and apex of Christ’s glory, and diminishes the verity of the immense cost that was paid on that cross.

More to come ….


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