The End

It’s crazy how many things are coming to an end right now.  Obviously, it’s the end of the year.  The end of my first semester at EBC has come and gone.  Breaks come and go, relationships end, and pain wears off.

To sum up my first semester at EBC, I use the words unexpected and unplanned.  The things I went through, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally were things that, had I seen them before hand, would not have welcomed.  

I’ve been asked too many times to count what my plans are for next year, and I can honestly say I have no earthly idea. I want an idea.  I want to know what to do, and I want to have a plan, because then I wouldn’t be vulnerable… I wouldn’t be dependent  … I wouldn’t have to WALK-step by step-without seeing in front of me- by faith. 

To conclude this post, I’ll just say that a lot it going on, and I sincerely hope to blog more next semester … which leads me to tell you of another blogging opportunity that has been presented.  I was asked to continue blogging for EBC and will now also be blogging for a pretty rad network .  I’ll write another post about that in the coming days …