A Rainy Day in So-Cal

“How’s the weather there in sunny California?” – is a question I am often asked by my friends and family members in Indiana. I have often found myself complaining to them that it is still 90 degrees in October. I am amazed at how readily I can complain about how “hot” the weather is here, and how rad I think it is when there is a rainy day like today in Southern California .. and yet, back home I would likely be doing the opposite. I have been convicted about my attitude towards the weather as of late, and really liked what I read from John Piper today (via desiringgod.org) :


“Thursday in Minneapolis it was so gorgeous walking home I thought: I should write a post on how astonishing it is that no earthquake swallowed up this city today.

Instead God sent warmth and crystal skies and cool breezes and golden leaves and hanging sea gulls over Elliot Park.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing!

We deserved the 52-story IDS tower to fall, and bridges to collapse, and poisonous gas to kill thousands. But instead God gave us over-the-top foretastes of heaven.

This is why everyone is crying out, Where was God on Thursday! Where were you God! How could you do this? Why did you let this happen?

Everybody is saying that, aren’t they?”


Although I do love fall, I should never complain about the beautiful, sunny (and oft-warm) weather here in Simi. Because, honestly, I deserve the sun to move just a tiny bit closer to earth and make the temperature so hot that I perish.  But, God has given an insane amount of grace, and has made each day, as He sees fit, to bring glory to Himself.  

Psalm 145:8-9: “ The Lord is gracious and merciful,slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.The Lord is good to all,and his mercy is over all that he has made.”


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