Eventful Days

Quite a bit has been happening in the past few days.

I was able to go see a free Phil Wickham concert, which was incredible.  After the concert I got to meet Phil, which was so sick.  I was stoked just to get to go to a concert (a free one at that) but then to get to meet him was like the icing on the cake.  He seems like a really cool guy, He is sooo passionate when he is singing and after Saturday night, I am a bigger fan (if that’s at all possible).    

 Along the lines of being a fan .. we sing his songs in church here, and whenever the lyrics pop up on the screen, my roommates will look at me- every time- even though we have been singing his songs for weeks now.  And, when John Piper is mentioned the same thing happens.  I wonder if I really make things that obvious…

The second string of events is the crazy wildfire that is burning right outside of Simi.  It’s really close.  In fact, here is the view from outside of my apartment (and no, those aren’t just big puffy clouds..)


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