Stand in Awe

  This video has just wrecked me and, even though I watched it a while ago,  I started thinking about it again today.  Sometimes I get to thinking I’m so great and significant.  I take the offense of others and blow it up into something larger than it is.  Even if it is something big my heart doesn’t want to forgive, it only wants to sulk and pity my poor little self. I don’t let God work through things that have happened to me in the past, instead, I question why a loving God would allow bad things to happen. I praise myself for things that I have done or things that I have said… encouragement that I have given.  Too often I’m focused on my inward feelings and thoughts that I forget to look “outward and upward” as CJ Mahaney puts it.  Too often in the morning, if I do start my day thinking about God, I don’t consider the complete awesomeness and holiness of God … and the fact that I shouldn’t be able to speak to Him.  I shouldn’t be able to get out of my bed.  I shouldn’t be able to breathe.  I shouldn’t be alive.  I think sometimes my day would look differently if I started it thinking about the holiness of God.  I wouldn’t lose sight of the cross.  Where else can the holiness of God take you but to the cross? 

A friend and I were talking about this and he said something that I thought was interesting.  We as humans need something to fill this emotional gap this longing that we have.  We need something … we need someone.  I know you’ve felt it.  I know I’ve felt it.  Too many times that longing leaves me searching for something to fill in that hole, and sometimes I’ll turn in the complete opposite direction of the only thing that can fill it.  God, on the other hand, needs nothing, has no emotional gap … isn’t left searching.  Ever. 

Now, I’ve done a lot of talking here.  I think that’s probably one of my problems in this situation.  I talk too much.  I don’t take enough time to consider and listen.  Maybe instead of hastily entering the presence of a holy God in the morning, I should thoughtfully consider His holiness. Maybe once I do that my mind will be more focused on the main thing -on the cross of Jesus and the glory of God -and hopefully there will be more boasting in the cross throughout my day.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thejambi
    May 18, 2008 @ 16:00:24

    Great post, Alyssa. It really makes me think about stuff I need to realize, too. I hope that when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll have that mindset, and I hope it’s a great day.


  2. alymc
    May 18, 2008 @ 17:13:47

    Thanks, Zach … I hope God is glorified.
    “Outward and Upward” …..


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