Positive Post Tuesday

I’m following a cue from Brody after reading his blog today.  He mentioned that the words “build up” are used in the New Testament about 39 times.  That’s a lot.  After reading his post and the passages about “building up” I took a look at myself and wasn’t rejoicing at what I saw.  I used to do a lot better at encouraging.  I’m thankful that this could be the boost in the right direction.  Perhaps I’ll do a “Positive Post Tuesday” the first Tuesday of each month…

I am so blessed with so many great and influential people in my life.  One of those is my mentor, Alair.  We’ve been hanging out and sharing life for years now, and I never cease to be encouraged, challenged, taught and especially loved by her.  She has been there through a lot of rough patches in the road of my life and is one of the few people who has consistently been involved in my life.  I love her gentle heart.  Her sense of humor can always bring a smile to my face.  To see her heart for missions, the poor, the lost, orphans, and at the center of it all, her heart for the glory of God …  daily challenges me to evaluate my priorities, even though we only see eachother once a week.  She and her husband will soon be leaving for Uganda, and I will miss her and the time we share, but I am so happy for the people who will get to meet her and know her and see Jesus through her. *~Thank you, Alair for your investment in me.  I love you.~*


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  1. Nathan J. Emmans
    Mar 06, 2008 @ 14:07:11

    Hi, my name’s Nathan and I’m a musician out of Northern California. I appreciate the effort to be uplifting. It seems like I’ve got to constently remind myself to be positive when things around me seem so negative. Keep shining!


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