I’ve caught the nasty flu bug.  I felt sick all of Easter Sunday.  That night was when the symptoms came.  Stupid flu.  I can’t seem to drink enough .. I’m always thirsty, but I’m hesitant to eat because I don’t like getting sick. I think I’m on the uphill now.  Time to go get some more liquids.


Good Friday

This is the song I’ve been playing all day

     “True Love” by Phil Wickham


Why I Haven’t Been Around

Something like this is the reason for my lack of posts lately …  
(HT: Brody)

Ok … perhaps something a bit more like this …  

3-9pm practices .. and it’s only going to get worse from here….

PPT- Steve Webster

This Tuesday I would like to focus on someone who has been of great influence in my life.  He teaches the Word with great passion (even though he says he does not understand this, everyone who knows him would say this).    He speaks the truth and doesn’t leave out the hard stuff.  God has used him so many times to bring conviction to my life.  I would think it has to be hard sometimes, teaching and not really being able to see how God is working in the lives of the many who are listening.  Be assured though, Mr. Webster, it is shaping those lives exactly how God would have it.  This assurance comes from Isaiah 55:10-11.   I am also thankful for his genuine interest in our lives.  He doesn’t just leave us out there on our own, looking for answers, or trying to figure things out.  If there is a need, I see him work to meet that need.  Not to mention he has fantastic taste in music (most of the time 😉 ).  There’s still so much more I could go on to say, but you should really just get to know him yourself … and you will be blessed.  *Thank you, Mr. Webster for everything.  Looking forward to the rest of this year!*


“Captivated” by Shawn McDonald

This is a good read along with this song.

The Answer …

… to this question ……

  …. is YES!

God is so good.  He had everything in control and was working it out for the purpose of His plan.  Now I’m freaking out about new things, which is utterly ridiculous.  I keep reminding myself of the complete sovereignty of God and the fact that He is working things together for my future in ways I don’t even know.  Some things that I desire right now are not what He is wanting for me at the moment and I’m working at being cool with that.  It’s tough, but I know He is doing things even through the ways that those desires aren’t being met.

Anyways, I’m so stoked!  This calls for more sweet video …

   Yes .. yes … I am going to his college!!

5000th View!

The next person on this site will be the 5000th person to view my blog!  That’s a lot! Today has been a grand day for me.  A day of celebration for more than one reason!

Who is the lucky winner!?

Thank you for coming to my blog!

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