New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!  Did anyone make a new year’s resolution?  I was challenged by a good friend to make a resolution that was more others centered.  I think it was great advice, and I’m going to take it.  I have made no resolution yet, but I plan to make one before the end of tomorrow.  I will post something when I decide.  I think sometimes it can be silly to make resolutions, especially if you plan on not being able to keep them .. however, I think it’s a good thing to acknowledge there are things about yourself that need to be changed , and then strive to make that change. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thejambi
    Jan 01, 2008 @ 21:43:35

    lol. My resolution is to drink water every day. Speaking of which… I don’t know if I have yet today…

    Making an others-centered resolution is brilliant, but I’ve never been much of a resolution maker.. and seeing as how I forgot about my water thing all day.. well, who knows. Maybe I should take it more seriously.. because, as you have said, it’s good to acknowledge that there is stuff about us that needs to be changed.


  2. Zack
    Jan 12, 2008 @ 07:28:06

    I decided that instead of making resolutions, I would answer ‘Ten Questions To Ask Yourself At New Years’, one by one on my blog….

    I could use your input!


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