Am I Going To His College?

I know of a few who would probably like these videos to be here, so that you can find them easily.  I also would like them at my fingertips. 🙂 The second one is the one that I have suggested a few of you watch.  The first one kind of shows where Chris was coming from.  Thanks to Raquel for originally posting something about this.

And … after watching this I’ve been asked if this is the guy who’s college I may be going to .. and yes, yes it is.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thejambi
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 22:29:11

    🙂 hehehe. I’ll watch these a few times…. a week.


  2. Raquel TWG
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 22:34:42

    Yay for links!
    And yeah another great Challenge moment:
    Francis is getting ready to start speaking but has nowhere to put his notes down and is wanting a music stand or something. So he’s like, “It would be nice if someone would get me a stand. *pauses*. *shouting toward backstage* “Hey Chris would you finally make yourself useful and get me a music stand?”

    Francis would also make jokes about how short Chris is, EVEN THOUGH they’re the same height (:


  3. Alymc
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 22:45:44

    Aww… poor Chris. I love Chris Tomlin! He’s my favorite! And how funny… I was just telling Zach that I just noticed how short Francis is. Poor guy got picked on at Passion too. Short isn’t so bad .. I must say.


  4. Raquel TWG
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 22:46:41

    Hey I’m only 5’1″ or 2″.
    So short is just fine (:


  5. molly
    Dec 27, 2007 @ 23:19:37

    oh my i knew it was only a matter of time… altho really, is it wise having u watch these even more times i day? lol u already TRY to quote them faaaarrrrr too often = )


  6. Nick Geisen
    Dec 28, 2007 @ 00:04:07

    Hahahaha… these guys are crazy. “I’m Francis Chan… I’m Francis Chan…” lol


  7. Raquel TWG
    Dec 28, 2007 @ 11:57:46

    Hey you know, since everyone’s enjoying this video from Challenge so much, we should all go to Utah in July, meet up, have a party and try to do our best Francis/Chris impersonations. Too bad Chris isn’t going this year, though :[

    Hopefully that doesn’t stop Francis from cracking some jokes about him. Or he might just start teasing Starfield. Poor guys.


  8. Andrew Jacobson
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 23:37:32

    This video is like the coolest video in the world and you wanna know what…ill tell you what…I put it on you tube…plus this is like the greatest blog in the known universe.


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