Platonic Overly-Spiritualized Christianity

I thought this video went well with what was discussed today about “platonic overly-spiritualized Christianity”.  A little more about “prosperity gospel” than I thought, but still applicable to this idea.  We cannot simply say “believe in Jesus and your poverty issues will be taken care of” … no, it is the church’s job to act.  As Mr. Webster often says “We can not stand in a dark room, and yell ‘It is dark! It should be light!’ and walk out of the room without turning on the lights.”

Also, good for a few people previously mentioned on Mr. Webster’s blog.

“The Lordship of Jesus Christ, who is both Creator and Redeemer, has implications for all of life. We are no longer free to compartmentalize our lives, thinking that we only please God when we are doing spiritual things like reading our Bibles, praying, and witnessing. Of course we should do these things, and more of them, but we must also recognize that we must live for Christ in everything we do. The movies we watch, how we treat other people, how we act at home — it all matters now.”  — Michael Wittmer


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  1. thejambi
    Nov 27, 2007 @ 23:56:00

    Idolatry.. putting the gifts above the Giver.. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it put that way before..

    Those are very passionate words, and a lot to think about. Thanks for posting.


  2. molly
    Nov 28, 2007 @ 00:35:12

    wow… lol so i think u are making me think far too much about subjects that are not especially comfortable but prob. vry good for me. keep it up 🙂 and yes i will ask my mom bout CA tom…


  3. molly
    Nov 28, 2007 @ 00:40:05

    p.s. the other john piper podcast im in the middle of listening to, but i think u would enjoy quite a bit is called “im sending you out as sheep among wolves”. i only know how to get to it thru itunes, but go to Desiring Ggod Audio Sermon on itunes and its the 6th one… very god so far 🙂


  4. molly
    Nov 28, 2007 @ 00:40:51

    lol very good* so far… but prob. GodLY as well 😉


  5. Nick Geisen
    Nov 28, 2007 @ 01:11:03

    Greater things are coming… I can’t begin to describe how I want to leave America right now 🙂
    Oh and that John Piper podcast mentioned above is good… I recommend it too.


  6. thirtythousandpeople
    Nov 28, 2007 @ 12:31:57

    Michael Wittmer’s book “Heaven is a Place on Earth” is really good. Wittmer was influenced by Cornelius Plantinga, who wrote a book called “Engaging God’s World.” It’s also a very good book about the Christian worldview and about how we’re going to live on this earth forever, not heaven.


  7. Raquel TWG
    Nov 29, 2007 @ 17:21:45

    My mom and I were talking about this today.
    It is sad to know that some churches are going so far as to try to convince people that if they ‘follow God’ they’ll get some nice stuff. It’s like those informercials where they convince you to buy their product by giving you another product free with purchase. If you really think about it, those churches that put ‘the gifts above the Giver’ are just giving people a way to ‘use’ God and put Him on the side.


  8. alymc
    Nov 29, 2007 @ 23:27:20

    Zach, of course. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement yet again 🙂

    Molly- I’m sorry, but if we are going to live together, you might have to get used to these sort of challenges. Haha. You could be the lucky one to get the first passionate outburst. Lol.
    Oh, and I’ve already listened to that one 🙂

    Nick, thanks for the ditto…. and how about Iraq?

    Raquel- Ya, i’ve been thinking about how incredibly childish the whole thing is. Honestly … When I was little, I wanted this friend of mine to accept Jesus so badly that I kind of bribed her. She didn’t, and now, obviously I know that isn’t the way to do things. I mean, what happens when these people who are putting their hope in their possessions lose those things, and now, all of a sudden, no hope. It’s just really sad. I can’t stand it.


  9. Nick Geisen
    Nov 29, 2007 @ 23:30:14

    When do we leave?


  10. Alymc
    Nov 30, 2007 @ 17:17:58

    June 7th , after my graduation.


  11. Nick Geisen
    Nov 30, 2007 @ 17:20:29



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