Yahweh, Great is Your Glory

This week has been one of the hardest weeks I have experienced in quite some time. I was fearful of losing my life at one point, and even more fearful of my fellow classmates lives. When it’s in the news it’s a bit scary and you wonder the “what if”… “what if this happens to us?”… “what if a gun is stuck in my face and I’m asked of my belief in Jesus”. The “what ifs” are pretty scary, but usually, fairly easy to brush off, and you forget. I’m not so sure this will be so easy to forget. I love Love LOVE my class, and more-so after today … after seeing how much we care for each other and reading scripture together aloud. I love you guys! I’m so thankful for Mr. Webster. I’m thankful for his reminder that God is good… always. Yes, we thank God that no one was harmed and we praise Him, but even if something had happened, He would still be good, and deserving of praise. Right now we need your healing Yahweh. Your ways our higher than ours. May we not forget that.

This song has been in my mind all day … for good reason.

(Needtobreathe “Signature of Divine” posted below)


“Signature of Divine (Yahweh)” Music Video

A Few Photo’s

I said I would post some pictures, so here they are.  Some of them are from a little later last month.  There was this one tree that I wish you all could’ve seen in person. It was massive and just made me awe at the Creator.

The Reason for Every Season

Amazing. I’ve been waiting for quite some time now for fall to arrive, and now I believe it has. The weather is crisp; during the day, perfect for a nice walk with a oversized comfy sweatshirt; at night, cool enough to see your breath and want to curl up inside with a cup of tea. The opportunity for Photographers or photo enthusiasts is astounding. Beautiful colors paint every background, whether the changing of leaves or the pink and golden sunsets. And in every picture I take I find one more opportunity to connect me to the Creator of all, the God who is able to look past all the glory of his creation, to me, someone so unworthy. And it gives me yet another reason to magnify the Magnificent.

I will add some pictures from this glorious season as I find the time …..

Holding Nothing Back

    I have been greatly intrigued by Phil Wickham’s new single “After Your Heart”.  He combines a great composition of music with fantastic lyrics (as usual). (virb.com/philwickham) .                                                                                                                     As I have been listening to it, I’ve been dissecting the song and all of the truth it holds.  There is one part that says “Let’s be the revolution that lives for holding nothing back.”  I have begun to wonder what that would look like. Not after I get out of highschool, but even now, when I feel as though there is not much I can give.  I often hold back.  I hold back with my gifts and talents.  I hold back when I want to reach out.  I hold back a lot in relationships.                                                                                                                                         I have a great friend who is trying to help me change that, and often I get mad or upset because I feel as though all he wants to do is change me, fix me, and then that will be it.  I have begun to pray about that situation because it happened again last night. I went to a place where I hardly knew anyone.  And once again, I held back.  And once again, he pushed me and told me that I needed to change.  It upset me. It upset me to the point that while I was there with all of those people I didn’t know, I wanted to cry.  All this to say, I wasted that time last night.  I want to be part of the revolution that holds nothing back.  So, if you see me holding back, (kindly) prod me not to.  I would also challenge everyone to live holding nothing back. Because that is what God desires.