Little is Much

At this very moment I am feeling incredibly stupid and completely ridiculous that I would again question what God was doing. I was fearful today about a group we have at school called “Body-building”(as in the body of Christ). Seniors are leaders, and that meant talking to people I never have in my life and trying to relate to people I don’t know. There is someone in my group who I probably made some wrong assumptions about (and for that I’m terribly sorry) and I wondered how in the world I could get through to them and get them to open up and have fun (to maybe get a smile, was my goal). Well .. they were quiet .. but they smiled … a lot. And I’m pretty sure it’s not because of anything I did. I think it was just good for them to be included.  I feel like God was saying “See I told you not to worry. Just love them as I would and let them know they are valued and that you care about them.” And that is exactly what I intend to do, because even though I don’t know them, I care sooo deeply for them and want them to know of the love of Jesus. So praise Jesus for His love, and praise God for His sovereignty and control over all! And I will remember that “Little Is Much” as the song by Downhere goes … “He changes the world with the seeds we sow.” So keep sowing!!